NORTHAMPTON, Mass. (WWLP) – The Hampshire County Sheriff’s department has put out a new report examining if there was any employee misconduct during the 2022 campaign for sheriff.

The report found at least one unnamed employee engaged in political activity on the job and used their role to interfere in the election but it did not find Sheriff Patrick Cahillane violated the law.

According to the Sheriff’s Department, Cahillane commissioned outside firm “Comprehensive Investigations and Consulting” in August. During a COVID update this past week, the Sheriff’s Department released the results of that report, with names redacted. The report found a high level jail official went to what appears to be a candidate’s home during business hours in a state-owned vehicle, taking photos from inside the vehicle and removing campaign signs.

However, the report did not find any evidence the Sheriff’s Office told that employee to go to do that. The firm found Sheriff Cahillane did not violate the conflict of interest law.

It’s unclear exactly which candidate the report is referring to, as their name was redacted. However, Yvonne Gittelson and Caitlin Sepeda were both running against Cahillane in this past year’s primary.

22News reached out to the Sheriff’s Department for further comment, including if that employee will be reprimanded, but we did not hear back as of Wednesday afternoon.