SOUTH HADLEY, MASS. (WWLP) – Western Massachusetts has been seeing its fair share of rain and it’s causing the Connecticut river to rise.

According to 22News Storm Team Meteorologist Brian Lapis, the Connecticut River acts as a storm drain for much of New England. First raining heavily, the rain runoff flows into streams and tributary rivers which rise and recede quickly and pour into the Connecticut River.

Brunelle’s Marina in South Hadley has been dealing with weeks of rain and it’s affecting business. Boat owners were also tasked with moving their boats to land because of the high waters. 22News crews saw both docks and ramps partially submerged by the river.

“We are on the outside bend of the river,” said Luke Brunelle, owner of Brunelle’s Marina. “So we get all of the debris all of the branches and all the trees that come down and tend to hit our docks. We base our business on weekend business and when you lose three weekends in a row it’s a problem.”

It is not just boating on the water that has been impacted. 22News spoke with fishermen who were seeking higher ground from the flooding to fish in the Connecticut River.

“I just came out here to find a place to fish,” said Anthony Pieczarka of Chicopee. “There’s just too much water. I took a walk in the woods and to the point and it was just all submerged.”

According to predictions from the National Weather Service, it is expected that the water levels in the Connecticut River will begin to return to normal within days.

A reminder; do not enter the water after a flood because bacteria levels change in the water and there’s typically plenty of debris.