Smith College students and faculty stood together to make schools safe here in western Massachusetts and across the country.

Dozens of people gathered at Smith College to join the thousands of voices calling for safety in schools.

Smith College held a rally Thursday where students and faculty voiced their concerns about preventing violence on school grounds.

22News spoke with Georgianna Duke, who’s mother teaches at a local school.

“I’m tired of waking up and seeing headlines of children being killed in what’s supposed to be a safe place and worrying that it might have been her classroom and her school where it took place,” said Duke.

The rally facilitated residents contacting state lawmakers to share their thoughts on gun control. While no major school shootings have happened in Massachusetts, school officials said it’s important to address the issue here in the pioneer valley.

“We definitely think, oh it can’t happen here but i think part of the organizing of today is to try to bring us together as a community and try to recognize some of the alienation and despair that causes some of these things to happen,” Matilda Cantwell told 22News.

“We still live in a country where activism is real where the people can rise and make something happen so I think many members of the smith community want to be part of that movement, we heard that today, I want to be apart of this movement,” Kathleen McCartney added.

Later on, Smith College hosted a panel discussion on school violence prevention and response.