EASTHAMPTON, Mass. (WWLP) – The now closed down Maple Street Elementary school in Easthampton held an auction for some of what remains in the building.

The Maple Street School Surplus Liquidation Auction was held by the city to auction off items in the school that were still in good shape. From desks and chairs to white boards and choral risers… the general public was able to make bids on lots of items.

The auction was held in conjunction with Raucher Brothers Auctioneers and was primarily held online. Interested bidders were able to make bids up until Sunday and pick-ups will occur this week.

22News spoke with Mike Owens of the City of Easthampton about how the auction process worked out, “We’ve got bids, successful auctions totaling $60,582 and that money will be collected from those successful bidders and placed in the city’s general account.”

This particular auction was for the supplies left within the Maple Street school. The other remaining equipment at Neil Peppin and Center schools will be auctioned off through the same process within the next two months. The city hopes to turn all three surplus school buildings into affordable housing in the near future.