NORTHAMPTON, Mass. (WWLP) – Monday is the federal holiday Columbus Day but some local communities don’t abide by that, recognizing another name for the second Monday of the month.

In 2016, Northampton wrote and passed a resolution to change the October holiday to Indigenous Peoples’ Day. Now, over 20 communities in the Commonwealth recognize and celebrate Indigenous Peoples’ Day.

Columbus Day still marks a celebratory day for Italian Americans but with a growing number of people are becoming aware of a negative past with Christopher Columbus, some ask why celebrate him.

“What does Columbus got to do with freedom? He was one of the people that massacred indigenous people and it’s nothing to celebrate, it’s maybe something to seriously ponder on,” said Brian Jenson of Easthampton.

Massachusetts as a state continues to recognize Columbus Day, however there is a push for legislation to turn the second Monday of October as a statewide day to acknowledge Native Americans instead.

Across the commonwealth on Monday, there were events celebrating both Columbus Day and Indigenous Peoples’ Day.