NORTHAMPTON, Mass. (WWLP)–All of Western Massachusetts experienced snow Monday, with Hampshire and Franklin counties receiving more accumulation than Hampden county.

Snow has been scarce this winter in the region, but finally it looks like January outside and people 22News spoke to have mixed reactions. “The snow is great you know I can finally get on the ground and make those snow angels I’ve wanted to all year long,” said one resident.

For New Englanders snowstorms are expected throughout the winter months. We’re into late January and this is one of the first extensive snowfalls of the season. Some people look forward to the snow, namely kids who are able to get off of school and businesses that rely on it. Some people just find the flakes falling to be a nuisance.

“I was kinda dreading the snow ya know. In general you know, me personally, I don’t like the snow. Kinda cancels out personal activities like for me, in my opinion. Can’t go on a hikes or walks that you want to,” said Easthampton resident Aidan Tausch.

Not only has the snow hindered plans for better or worse, the precipitation has also made the roads slippery and slick and drivers cautious.

Ian Yankson of Springfield agreed. “You know driving conditions, very scary man. I’m in my truck almost went sideways coming on the road from Amherst and all I gotta say is be careful out there.”

Nearly 5 inches of snow fell in Northampton and there’s another chance for snow in the next couple of days that the 22News Storm Team will be covering.