Some parents want better communication with Northampton H.S. after custodian was arrested

Hampshire County

Some parents at Northampton High School are wanting more of a dialogue after a school custodian was arrested last week.

22News was asked to cover a meeting by a parent who said it would address the recent of arrest of a custodian accused of taking photos through holes in the girls bathroom ceiling.

“The superintendent and his assistant made this seem like it was something that was very public and open to come to,” one parent told 22News.

Chris Dooley has two kids at Northampton H.S. She said she spoke with the superintendent’s office, hoping the district would give parents the opportunity to discuss the arrest of 22-year-old Michael Kremensky, a high school custodian charged with four counts of photographing an unsuspecting nude person after holes were found in a girls bathroom ceiling.

“We’ve been receiving these one way communications,” Dooley told 22News. “We get voicemails from the school, we get papers sent home from the school. I love my kids, I think they’re really well informed, but I think they aren’t going to ask some of the questions parents would ask because they’re concerned for their kid’s privacy and safety in a way kids don’t necessarily think about.”

Northampton H.S. Principal Bryan Lombardi told Dooley and other parents at the meeting they could attend, but the meeting did not allow for them to comment or hold discussions.

The principal demanded that we not record video inside of the building.

Kremensky was arraigned on the charges Monday after he was arrested on the night of March 30.

Principal Lombardi said other parents have praised the school in how they’ve handled the case so far.

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