NORTHAMPTON, Mass. (WWLP) – A conference in Hampshire County on Wednesday tackled the troubled topic of Teen Mental Health.

The SPIFFY Coalition held the discussion in Northampton on Wednesday, calling on teens themselves to come and discuss ways to tackle what health experts say is now a national issue. SPIFFY has been collecting data on teen mental health and they brought that data straight to the source, helping teens be informed on the ways to keep themselves healthy.

Lexi Polokoff told 22News, “Because young people are at the center of the work we do and we don’t want adults making decisions for young people without young people’s input directly. So we are really hoping to center their voices in really guiding our strategies moving forward.”

SPIFFY is a Hampshire County-wide coalition aimed at decreasing risky behavior and substance abuse in teens and they’ve been putting in the work since 2002.