No matter what age or grade, breakfast is one of the most important meals of the day for students.

Breakfast is available at many public schools in Massachusetts, but not all students take advantage of it. According to Project Bread, only 41 percent of eligible Massachusetts students eat breakfast in school.

Members of Project Bread, a state anti-hunger organization, helped serve samples of healthy breakfast options to a second-grade class in their classroom at Fort River Elementary School in Amherst.

According to Project Bread, children who eat breakfast at school are more likely to perform better in the classroom. Having breakfast served in the classroom, rather than before school, allows all children to enjoy the benefits of breakfast, without having to miss out if they get to school a little later.

“Certain kids due to their family’s work schedules don’t have the chance to have family meals at home. Creating this family meal time in the classrooms can give them that time to experience the positive social aspect of spending that time together,” One parent of an Amherst 1st grader said.

Students in the Amherst school district can receive free breakfast based on their family’s income.
Amherst Schools Superintendent Michael Morris said he is working on a grant that would provide free school breakfast to every student in the district.

“There are many factors, for some families are just really busy in the morning. Some may be rushing to get their children to school, children waking up late, all we know is we think all students deserve to have healthy meals before they start their academics,” Morris said.