AMHERST, Mass. (WWLP) — The annual Blarney Blowout is now over at UMass and the after effects have begun to be seen.

22News spoke to students to see how they feel about this tradition and why some think safety should be a higher priority.

“It’s really dangerous because anytime you mix alcohol and big crowds it’s never a good mix,” expressed UMass Senior Leslie Roman.

The unsanctioned pre-spring-break St. Patrick’s celebration once again lived up to expectations and some were good while others were not so good.

UMass Senior Patrick Hayes told 22News, “It was pretty crazy we, went to a big street and then the cops ended up shutting it down. So, we all kinda just migrated over to the next house and then migrated to another one. It went on and on.”

Unsurprisingly the day was filled with a lot of alcohol, but this year also featured the latest college drinking trend. “I was ‘borging’ so it was pretty sick. It’s called the ‘Black Out Rage Gallon.’ You dump half water in it, and then vodka, and then you put Mio in it, so you don’t really taste the alcohol. It makes it pretty fun,” Hayes explained.

UMass officials said this is the first time the university has observed notable use of “borgs” and that they will consider steps to improve alcohol education and intervention, and communicate with students and families.

During the day long party, a reported 28 ambulances had to come for some unfortunate party-goers. According to that report from the school, none of the 28 ambulance cases were life threatening, but that campus and Amherst Police also reported two arrests for underage possession of alcohol.

For students like Patrick, they said the party was fun no matter what, but for others that’s the exact reason they didn’t go.

“You walk right by the frats, you see people getting wheeled out. We saw people getting wheeled out yesterday, people just like to go party on Blarney. I’ve never gone to a Blarney and I also know a lot of people who have never been to a Blarney, or who do their own smaller celebrations,” added Roman.

Leslie told 22News said that she wants people to know that even though she doesn’t judge anyone for partying, she finds it unfortunate college students may get a bad rap when not everyone takes part in the Barney Blowout, and more importantly that not everyone drinks safely.