AMHERST, Mass. (WWLP) – This week is Pollinator Week and people all across the world are recognizing creatures such as bees for being such a key species to ecosystems around the world.

Pollinator week runs internationally but this year, Governor Charlie Baker officially declared Pollinator Week in Massachusetts for the first time ever since it first started 14 years ago.

“The fact that we’re recognizing this week as pollinator week is so important,” said State Representative Mary Keefe.

Pollinators are critical to an ecosystem and their work ensures full harvests of crops and plants. Pollination produces nearly $20 billion worth of products annually in the United States. Bees make up 45 percent of the pollination here in Massachusetts. Which means the remaining percentage is filled with other pollinators. Such as flies, beetles, wasps, moths and butterflies.

“Very important and we want people to be aware of that and to think about that and to possibly take some steps, some very simple steps to support pollinating insects throughout the Commonwealth,” said MDAR Commissioner John Lebeaux.

Here are some tips and ideas you can do to help pollinators:

  1. Include pollinator-friendly plants in your garden or around your home
  2. Reduce and stop overuse of poisonous sprays
  3. Register as a bee friendly farming garden
  4. Inspire others to learn more
  5. Support local beekeepers
  6. Conserver all resources and use less
  7. Support the work of groups supporting pollinators