SOUTH HADLEY, MASS. (WWLP) – A plan for a return to the classroom is finally in place for the students at South Hadley high school, now that the mold removal process has finished.

The school was safe to be occupied Monday, but the district wanted to give teachers time to set up their classrooms before the students came back. Instead of cleaning trucks, the parking lot at South Hadley High School was full of cars on Monday. The school did not have remote classes, as teachers were busy preparing.

Parents and students were invited to an open house from 3-5 to see the inside of the building. 22News spoke with the superintendent, who is pleased with the outcome of the mold mitigation process.

“Now we just have to go an inventory on the things we have to discard as a result of the mold, but by far I’m feeling much more confident with our kids and staff coming back to us now,” said Dr. Jahmal Mosley, superintendent of South Hadley Public Schools.

The request to make up the missed days of classes from the start of the year, remotely on Saturdays was not approved by the state’s education commissioner. The district will now have to make an agreement with the teacher’s union to determine how those days of learning will be made up.