AMHERST, Mass. (WWLP) – UMass Police continue to investigate after a student was hit by a car on Thursday night.

That student has since been released from the hospital, however at least two other students were hit by cars last semester. One of victims in last semesters’ crashes died; all three happened on Massachusetts Avenue.

This most recent crash happened at the crosswalk by Sunset Avenue. Sophomores Nicholas Berez and Elexa Reiss say many students go from the dorms to their classes in the area.

“Cars definitely have to be careful,” Nicholas said. “A lot of cars do stop pretty early in the intersection but some guys run through here pretty quickly.”

The driver in Thursday’s crash was not a UMass student, receiving a citation for failing to stop for a person in the crosswalk.

However, this most recent crash happened after the University made safety improvements to Massachusetts and Commonwealth Avenues over the summer, including raised crosswalks and flashing lights to warn drivers about the intersection. UMass said both improvements were based on a traffic safety consulting company’s recommendations.

“They can also try to make another way to the business school,” Elexa told 22News. “I know there’s construction but this is really the only way to go.”

UMass Police noted the weather last Thursday night included heavy rain and wind.