NORTHAMPTON, Mass. (WWLP) – Transhealth, a pioneering standalone trans-led healthcare organization, proudly announced that it has surpassed a significant milestone by serving over 2,000 unique patients and community members.

As demand for compassionate gender-affirming care continues to grow, Transhealth is rapidly expanding its operations to accommodate more individuals. The organization’s goal is to increase capacity through the recruitment of additional staff, providers, and services to meet the critical healthcare needs of the trans and gender-diverse community.

Dallas Ducar, MSN, APRN, President and CEO of Transhealth, emphasized the urgent need for accessible gender-affirming care across the country. Recognizing the limited availability of such care in the region, Ducar stated, “It is imperative that we continue expanding to meet the healthcare and service needs of the trans and gender-diverse community. No one should go without the required care they deserve.”

In line with this commitment, Transhealth is actively seeking new healthcare providers to staff and bolster its capacity. The organization aims to accept new adult primary care and mental health patients as quickly as possible, ensuring more individuals have access to comprehensive and inclusive healthcare services. Transhealth has also launched additional programs, including expanded support groups and community events, providing a wider range of resources and support.

Recently, Transhealth unveiled its Gender-Affirming Care Access Program, funded by the Blue Cross Blue Shield Massachusetts Foundation. This innovative initiative connects healthcare providers throughout Massachusetts with Transhealth experts who offer guidance, answer questions, and provide resources to enhance gender-affirming care across the Commonwealth. Furthermore, Transhealth’s TranshealthRX initiative offers patients greater affordability and accessibility to essential medications, prioritizing their overall well-being.

Amid ongoing challenges and discrimination faced by the trans and gender-diverse community, Transhealth stands as a beacon of hope, championing a brighter and more inclusive future. Ducar expressed, “We are delivering tangible, quality healthcare and community for the trans and gender-diverse community. Our organization is saving lives.”

As Pride Month continues, Transhealth’s remarkable achievements underscore the importance of providing comprehensive, trans-led healthcare services and striving for a society where everyone can embrace their authentic selves.