NORTHAMPTON, MASS. (WWLP)- Pride Month not only encourages visibility for people of all sexualities but also the transgender community.

Transhealth opened last month, offering comprehensive health services to transgender people. The CEO, Dallas Ducar, told 22News services like these are a key reason LGBTQ issues need to be discussed beyond the month of June.

She said Transhealth Northampton is focused on offering everything from primary care to hormones, to therapy and that services like this are needed because identity can be an important part of providing care.

“We talk about identity,” said Ducar. “Where are you? Where do you want to be? And how do we help you get there? And that’s really novel in healthcare. It’s not just about a test, it’s not just about an assessment. It’s about getting to know you as a human being.”

Since they opened up, Ducar said the phone has been practically ringing off the hook with people looking for this kind of care. Her hope is that eventually, traditional health care settings will also be able to offer the same services they offer.