NORTHAMPTON, Mass. (WWLP) – The Northampton police are advising residents to beware of purchasing jewelry from people in parking lots.

Two people were arrested after an investigation in Northampton involving the sale of fake gold jewelry. Northampton police say the two are being charged with larceny from a person over 65 years old and their vehicle was seized on Monday.

According to police, the scam is common in the Northeast. It involves people traveling through parking lots and approaching people trying to sell fake jewelry. They sometimes say that they need money for gas or baby supplies, and frequently have children with them.

While talking to the people selling the jewelry, one person talks with the victim while another places the jewelry on the victim. When they remove the jewelry, in some cases, they also remove the victim’s real jewelry and drive off.

Police are warning the public to beware of their surroundings and don’t buy jewelry or any other items not being sold by a reputable business.