AMHERST, Mass. (WWLP) – The University of Massachusetts Amherst held a special celebration along with Band Day at McGuirk Stadium during Saturday afternoon’s football game. As well as celebrating local bands UMass Amherst celebrated Pride. The same day that the Minutemen hosted Liberty University in a football game.

“We had to come down! It’s the pride game, there’s not way we wouldn’t be down here to support UMass,” said Nicholas Fox a UMass Amherst student.

The UMass Minutemen football team hosted Pride day and fans came from all over to celebrate.
Nicholas and his brother came decked out in custom overalls to celebrate with other Minutemen and Minutewomen in the bleachers.

“UMass has the best fan squad in the country, between hockey, football, and everything we get down with it. We’re here to support our school more than anything, on a game like today we’re here to show out against Liberty, and show them that UMass is coming to get it,” UMass Amherst student George Fox expressed.

UMass Amherst Celebrated Pride at McGuirk stadium, the host team celebrating diversity against Liberty University. Liberty is a conservative evangelical university that places sanctions and restrictions on students behavior; including romantic displays of affection between members of the same sex.

Jeff Lamoureaux of Southampton told 22News, “There’s so much dissension in this world today, and I think that people need to get together and unite, not keep separating. There’s too much hate and I don’t like hate.”

UMass Amherst made the pride game announcement on Twitter last Sunday in a 37 second video featuring a uniformed player standing in a room lit by rainbow colors associated with
the LGBTQIA2S+ Community.

“It’s definitely something you want to experience, because it’s very magical, and you get to meet different people from all over. It’s very cool,” said Shelby Scott of Greenfield.

“We just want to make sure that people know that UMass is here to play, come out with new energy to the UMass Atmosphere, and make sure that we’re brining the vibes with us,” continued George Fox.

Although the UMass Minutemen lost against liberty 42-24, the school and supporters stood proudly on Saturday as fans celebrated PRIDE.