AMHERST, Mass. (WWLP) – UMass Amherst Chancellor Kumble R. Subbaswamy announced that the university will require all students who wish to be on campus will have to be fully vaccinated prior to the beginning of the fall semester.

According to the chancellor, all of the undergraduate and graduate students who wish to live, learn, or access campus resources must be fully vaccinated for the fall semester, except for certain students with religious or disability accommodations.

“I think it’s the right choice hopefully it allows us to have fewer restrictions, not wear masks and just get back to normal college life,” said John Gorman, a UMass student.

UMass Amherst plans to return to full operations in the fall – full capacity dorms and in-person learning. So now, all students, undergraduate, and graduate must be fully vaccinated before the start of the full semester.

Faculty and staff who have been performing their duties virtually will transition back to on-campus work and are also encouraged to get vaccinated.

“With going out and going to in-person classes and all that stuff everybody wants to do it and the only way that’s going to be possible is to get vaccinated,” said Megan Mitchell, another student.

Maggie Desmond, student, added, “We are returning back so we can have in person classes and normal life again so yeah, I would say that’s good to me.”

According to Umass Amherst, international students must be fully vaccinated as well. As of right now, the university will allow students to return to campus even if they received a vaccine not approved in the U.S.

But they are waiting for further guidance from the Department of Public Health. For those students who don’t have access to a vaccine in their country, they can receive one once arriving at UMass.

Faculty and staff are not required to be vaccinated in order to return but, the university is strongly urging they do.