AMHERST, Mass. (WWLP) – UMass students enjoyed U-Fest on Sunday after a long weekend of moving in.

U-Fest is an opportunity for students to see the resources and services that are provided to them on campus. The Assistant Vice Chancellor told 22News this event gives the students a chance to interact with the staff and each other before classes start on Tuesday.

Along with U-Fest, new students were able to meet the new Chancellor, Javier Reyes. 22News was on campus to learn why events like this are so important for first-year students.

“Expect to be a little uncomfortable,” expressed Betsy Cracco, the Assistant Vice-Chancellor at UMass Amherst. “It’s a huge transition and definitely ask for help. I think that’s what this event is all about, is don’t wait. Ask for help from professional staff, residential assistants, peer mentors, and even friends because we all are in this ship together.”

Students were able to play games, hear music, and enjoy the award-winning dining hall.

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