HADLEY, Mass. (WWLP/AP) – The union election for the Trader Joe’s location in Hadley has finished with the decision to unionize.

The final count out of 76 votes was 45 in favor and 31 against, meaning the Hadley location is set to become the first Trader Joe’s in the nation to officially unionize.

With this election, workers are now sitting right at the finish line in the long journey to unionize their store. There is only one step left in the process. The National Labor Relations board has to certify these election results.

There is a seven day window for both parties, either the workers or Trader Joe’s management, to file any complaints that could invalidate the election.

Workers from at least two other Trader Joe’s locations have initiated unionization efforts. Employees at a Minneapolis location have a union vote scheduled for Aug. 11 and 12, while the United Food and Commercial Workers Local 7 on Tuesday filed a union election petition with the National Labor Relations Board on behalf of crew members at a Boulder, Colorado store.

The Trader Joe’s workers are part of a nationwide wave of employees at major companies who have or are attempting to unionize in an effort to secure a bigger say in their work conditions and compensation.