NORTHAMPTON, Mass. (WWLP) — It was a weekend filled with competitive spirit and adrenaline at the 32nd annual Verge Northampton Cyclocross Race.

But what is Cyclocross?

It’s cycling with a twist, and a few turns, and also some terrain to pass through. Cyclocross is a unique type of cycling that’s a cross between road cycling and mountain biking.

“The best analogy I can make is it’s similar to what cross country running is to like marathoning,” explained Adam Myerson, the Event President for the Verge Northampton Cyclocross Race.

The Verge Northampton Cyclocross Race was founded in 1991 and has grown in popularity each year since.

“Originally the race started on campus at UMass when I was a student there,” expressed Myerson, “There was a mountain bike race in Orchard Hill up in the observatory area, and I took that race over and made it a cyclocross race. And we were there on campus until 2000 or so.”

After that, the race was moved to Look Park. Now racers come from across New England to take part.

Randy Locklair a Cyclocross Racer from New York City told 22News, “We’re from New York City, most of us from Brooklyn, New York, and we’re a bunch of brown and black folks that have gotten into the sport just to make it a more diverse sport, and this is a super inclusive race here. So we love coming every year.”

Another competitor is Sophie Parrott. She’s been competing in cyclocross for seven years and recently came out on top in the U-19 New England Girls Race.

“This race is incredible. It brings so many people from so far here just to share a common love of cyclocross. It’s just so diverse, there’s so many different age levels and skill levels, and I think that everyone enjoys it,” expressed Parrott.

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