GRANBY, Mass. (WWLP) – A moose was spotted walking with her calf down Chicopee Street in Granby last week.

22News viewer Mary Walsh sent a video where you can see a calf walking with the parent following behind on the side of the road.

Moose can now be found around western and central Massachusetts, with the occasional sightings in eastern Massachusetts, according to

Moose lack upper incisors, so they strip off twigs, plants, and bark rather than snipping it neatly. Moose eat a lot of leaves, twigs, buds, and sodium-rich aquatic vegetation in the summer. 

Because of their size and strength, adult moose have few natural predators, which is why their general lack of fear of humans and bold behavior. In Massachusetts, most moose die from vehicles, and accidents in the wild such as drowning, disease, starvation, and old age.

If you’re lucky enough to see a moose, stay a respectful distance away and try to avoid startling the moose. Moose are unwary as they move through different populated areas, mainly during the mating season.

If you see a moose in a densely populated area, leave the moose alone and contact the nearest MassWildlife District Office or the Environmental Police to report the sighting and to get advice.

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