NORTHAMPTON, Mass. (WWLP) – Snowfall amounts are varying across western Massachusetts as the line between snow, sleet, or rain continues to shift.

In Hampshire county, the snowfall amounts are a little greater than in Hampden county as the line of all snow to sleet and even some rain continues to push northward Saturday morning.

Snowfall amounts didn’t indicate a blockbuster storm but with the dividing line between frozen precipitation and rain staying south for most of the morning, Northampton certainly felt mother nature’s effect.

And while accumulation totaled under six inches in the downtown, the high water content in the snow, plus the sleet that fell, caused all the slushiness on the sidewalk to be very heavy and has created difficulties for those shoveling across the area.

“I just do it incrementally depending on the storm I do it an inch or two at a time every other hour or so,” said Andrew Bombard. “God forbid today I waited till the end because I broke a shovel already in this heavy snow…. I feel bad for the people who are gonna have to get up and shovel the 4 or 5 inches that it is.”

During the height of the storm in the early morning some took that chance to delay shoveling and instead go out and play in the weather, especially because they have a furry buddy who wanted to take a stroll through the snow.

“I haven’t done any shoveling or plowing but I think that may be in my future in a couple hours,” said Christen Mucher. “I’m not looking forward to the ice but I was really looking forward to the snow. I was very happy to see a little snow, I hope everybody stays safe and also can enjoy it a little bit.”

Friday night’s storm will cut into the snow deficit for all of western Massachusetts. The city of Northampton is around 30 inches behind average and now still around a 2-foot deficit.