AMHERST, Mass. (WWLP) –  A new sewage pipe between Amherst and Hadley is a step closer, with the help of a $155,000 grant.

The two towns have been working together since before the pandemic to improve water resilience in the area. 22News spoke with Guilford Mooring, Superintendent of Amherst DPW. 

“Hadley was getting towards the capacity of their plant, their plant is much smaller than ours and when you get to close capacity of the plant, DP wants you to start looking at options to upgrading the plant and take more,” said Mooring. “Or to figure out how to handle the sewage.”

Wastewater from Hadley will be released into the Amherst Waste Water Treatment plant through a pump station on Mill Valley Road. The $155,000 will go towards a feasibility study, which includes checking if any wetlands could be impacted. 

That’s expected to be done by next fall. When the price of the project is received, land survey work will begin. This information will then determine pump capacities. “It gives everyone in the neighborhood and in the area some time to breathe and think what is going on,” expressed Mooring.