WILLIAMSBURG, Mass. (WWLP) – Today a car seat check up was held at the Williamsburg Police Department in Haydenville.

Car seats are required for children until the are 8-years-old or over 57 inches, but having the right one and using it properly can be the difference between life an death.

Today people were able to bring their car seats to the police department to have them looked over. Making sure it’s secure in the car, that it’s the right size for the kid whose using it, and that there aren’t any recalls. All of which are key in keeping children safe. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration says car crashes are still the leading cause of death for children between 1 and 13.

Chief Denise Wickland said now is a good time make sure your car seat is up to code, especially with many planning to drive during the holiday season

“If they have any question that their child’s seat is installed correctly to please reach out to their local police or fire department. A lot of departments have technicians on staff. If they don’t they can usually refer them or they can look us up online through Safe Kids and they can find a technician through them,” Williamsburg Police Chief Denise Wickland told 22News.

Wickland said Williamsburg PD is one of many departments that receive federal funding that allows them to give out car seats. So they can even replace your car seat in some cases.