NORTHAMPTON, Mass. (WWLP) – Yvonne Gittelson, a candidate who lost the democratic primary in the Hampshire County sheriff’s race, has announced she is still running as a write in.

With no republican challenger on the ballot, the sheriff’s race in Hampshire County looked like it was done with the primary but now Gittelson says she plans to keep running. Current Sheriff Patrick Cahillane won 48.12% of the vote, claiming the primary win. Gittelson won second place with 26.57% but said having two people challenge Cahillane split the vote, she wants to bring “state-level perspective back to my county.”

22News reached out to Sheriff Cahillane for comment on Gittelson continuing her run. He said, “On September 6th I was elected as the democratic nominee for the general election for Hampshire County Sheriff. I am honored that the voters selected me. I have always honored the process of our democracy and accept the practice of our electoral system. I continue to perform my duties as the Hampshire County Sheriff and as the democratic nominee for Sheriff in November.”

Sticker campaigns are not necessarily unusual for Hampshire County. Senator Jo Comerford won in 2018 using a sticker campaign.