SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – Gold is off to a strong start for 2023 trading now at an eight-month high.

22News spoke to experts at Gold Trader in Springfield about this positive trend and what it means for consumers. Owner David Rosen told us that as of Tuesday, for one ounce of pure 24K gold, it’s worth $1,877. He also noted that now is the time to sell.

Rosen explained, “It really comes down to one basic thing. Right now, the stronger the dollar, the weaker the price of gold. And that’s the interesting thing about the market because ultimately, gold is priced on the stock markets. You are going to have the same ups and downs with gold as you will with anything else that you consider an investment.”

Rosen added that when it comes to selling your gold, some important factors to keep in mind include, knowing the karat of your jewelry and when you bought it.