CHICOPEE, Mass. (WWLP) – The oversaturation of rain has had a negative impact on a number of things, including area properties; some seeing flooding, creating hazardous conditions for homeowners.

More rainfall here in western Massachusetts, means more flooding, and for some areas, that water is getting into homes causing water damage to foundations, and inviting unwanted guests.

Bob Russell of American Pest Solutions, telling 22News, “Whenever you get high humidity and high moisture content, like 20% in wood, or excessive moisture trapped in a space, insects are going to thrive in those environments.”

A flooded basement can contain bacteria that causes illness, and if mold builds up that can also make you sick. For these reasons, in addition to extensive property damage, experts say its crucial to remove as much water as soon as possible from your flooded home, whether its with a pump or by a professional.

But practice safety first, experts say turn off circuit breakers, or call an electrician to see if its safe to enter the basement for water removal. Make sure to remove important items for drying, and once the water is gone, help with the drying process by using fans or industrial blowers, which will help your home be less attractive for bugs.

Russell adds, “The basis for their development is always around moisture, so in most cases the best thing you can do is get a commercial dehumidifier and run some fans as long as you can to try to evaporate and dry up that moisture.”

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