CHICOPEE, Mass. (WWLP) – We are finally in the heart of spooky season, and what better way to embrace the spirit than facing your fears in a haunted house?

The Halloween season will be gone before you know it, but there’s still time to get out and enjoy some spooky, scary fun! Perhaps even an adrenaline rush? If that’s what you’re seeking, you’re in the right place.

There are numerous haunted attractions scattered throughout western Massachusetts and the surrounding areas. This list features some of the scariest and best professional haunted houses you should visit before October ends.

DementedFX – 530 Main Street, Holyoke, MA

Have you ever wanted to star in a Horror Movie? DementedFX Haunted House may be the answer. Voted the number 1 haunted attraction in Massachusetts by’s “Fan Poll,” DementedFX features 20,000 sq. ft. of giant monsters, Hollywood quality props and sets, and hair-raising video/sound design that’s sure to send you home with no voice, and possibly needing a new pair of jeans.
The Haunted House features one cohesive storyline, “an immoral medical laboratory, ravaged by its own experiments, has let loose a virus that is turning the world into monsters and ghouls. You need to break into the lab and rescue the scientist who has the cure to save all humanity.” The entirely indoor waiting area features two bars and an intensive-themed queue line with tons of interaction.
Due to the nature and strong themes of the attractions, DementedFX is recommended for adults and teens. This show is not suitable for children. Admission of children under 13 is at the discretion of the parent(s)

13th World Fright Park – 1701 Park Street, Palmer, MA

Debuting last fall, western Massachusetts welcomes the all-new 13th World Fright Park!
Featuring THREE all-new haunted houses, interactive games, photo ops, concessions, and much more, this will be a full evening Halloween experience brought to you by the creative team behind RI’s renowned 13th World!
Moonlight Mayhem
Your terrifying journey begins at the Moonlight Motel and you’ll trek your way through one nightmare after another. This is the sure to be the scariest haunted trail you’ve ever traversed. 
Chamber of Lost Souls
Get lost in this twisted maze of darkness and fog as you try to escape the demented souls of the damned.  But be warned – if your soul is not pure you may just be lost here forever!
Your worst fear becomes real – Going through a terrifying haunted experience ALONE! This attraction sends you through one at a time so that you may traverse your owns fears all by yourself.
Touch of Fear (Must be 18 years or older and will be required to present a photo ID)
This year you can experience 13th World like never before! For an additional $5, you can get a Touch of Fear! This will enhance your scare experience by allowing our Monsters to touch you. You will receive a special necklace that identifies you as an extreme lover of fear. If Touch of Fear becomes too intense, simply take the necklace off!
13th World Fright Park is located on Rt. 20, this Halloween destination offers easy access from I-90, I-91, and I-84. 

Fright Fest at Six Flags New England – 1623 Main Street, Agawam, MA

Enter the world of Skull Manor, where your nightmares come to life.
Brace yourself for Nightmare at CrackAxle Canyon, a haunted attraction that preys on your deepest fears. Navigate the twisted paths of CarnEVIL, an outdoor maze filled with clowns and circus freaks.
Step into Ghost Town Dead in the West and confront the undead of the Wild West.
Explore Dark Oaks Cemetery, where the risen dead seek the flesh of the living.
Enter the realm of InFESTed, where spiders and infected exterminators lurk in the darkness.
Beware of scare zones featuring zombies, witches, and other creatures that go bump in the night. Enjoy Halloween-themed out amusement rides in the dark, adding an extra level of spooky excitement. Witness the kickoff to the evening festivities with The Awakening and join the undead at the Zombie Bash for a night of hypnotizing dance and zombie revelry. Don’t miss the terror of Fright Fest at Six Flags New England.

Haunting at the Ridge – 99 Powder Hill Road, Middlefield, CT

Are you brave enough to take a chair lift ride up the mountain into the dark? There’s no turning back, there’s no escape! Get ready for the haunt of your life! Graveyard Productions brings its trademark thrills and chills to Powder Ridge Mountain Park & Resort with this one-of-a-kind haunt that is not for the faint of heart.

Your terrifying journey begins with a chair lift ride up the mountain through the darkness, where you’ll catch glimpses of creatures below that travel the Ridge at night. You’ll make your descent down the mountain on foot encountering all the mysteries of the mountain. Be sure to stop by the camp ground, they love to welcome visitors. In fact, they may never want you to leave.

Haunt on Eden – 396 Mt. Vernon Road, Southington, CT

Experience the ultimate Halloween thrill at Haunt on Eden, born out of a deep love for the holiday and a dedication to delivering heart-pounding scares. This renowned attraction is located at Mt. Southington Ski Area. 
Every weekend in October, the Haunt on Eden team thrives on the exhilaration that comes from crafting perfectly executed scares, evoking screams, tears, and laughter from their captivated audience. Their unwavering passion fuels their creativity, ensuring an unforgettable experience for all. 

Rails to the Darkside – 58 North Road, East Windsor, CT

As the fall chill fills the air, on the darkest of nights, mournful cries of the abandoned dead are heard on the tracks at the Connecticut Trolley Museum. Listen to the tale of yesteryear, as you learn of a hastily moved cemetery whose bodies were left behind, their angry souls seeking their revenge. Come for a scare if you dare… the next trolley ride is an express to the Darkside!
During this haunted experience, ride vintage trolleys into the dark woods for a fear that you will never forget, visit the vortex tunnel if you dare and end your experience in the Visitor Center if you can handle the unforeseen horror of death.
New for 2023, the Trolley Museum has partnered with Curioporium LLC. Curioporium seeks to control the ethereal energy and use it to open the gates for the foolhardy or the fearless to venture into the realm of the forsaken, the fallen, and the cursed. Beware, this spectral force is unpredictable and volatile. Brace yourself for unimaginable horror, for who can fathom the blood-curdling terror about to seep into our world. *This haunted event is rated PG-13 and may be too intense for the squeamish. It is not recommended for young children.

So, before they close for the season, make sure to go catch some screams and thrills this Halloween season in a haunted house. You will certainly never forget it, if you make it out alive…

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