WEST SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – The Big E is back which means hotel demand is through the roof in West Springfield and around western Massachusetts. Meantime, the state continues to house migrant families in some select hotels.

According to the state, there are about 2,500 families staying in hotels and motels in 80 communities across the state along with another 6,200 families housed at emergency shelters. Locally, at least one hotel is completely full of migrant families, not taking reservations… the Clarion Hotel in West Springfield.

Other hotels 22News spoke to Friday said they have been approached about the possibility but haven’t seen it materialize.

“We have gotten calls from different state agencies, just kind of vetting that a little bit. Asking what our availability is, if we could take something long term. Our Hadley hotels have seen a little bit of that demand, but I haven’t seen anything in Springfield yet,” said Connie Brown Regional Director of Sales and Marketing at La Quinta in Springfield.

Hotels in Springfield say that even without migrants housed in their facility, demand from the Big E is making supply tight.

“Weekends are definitely compressed. Thursday Friday Saturday are busy. We still have a few rooms each weekend but it’s definitely still tight. Weekdays are still probably about three-quarters fun we’re still good but those are great numbers,” said Brown.

If you have any lodging needs during The Big E or even later this fall in the area, she has clear advice, “Book. Book now. Inventory is compressed. Make your reservations.”

Brown added that because of their high demand, it would be difficult to take on any migrant families anyway and details on exactly where and when the state may call on local hotels to do so remain murky. For now, all focus on The Big E.

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