CHICOPEE, Mass. (WWLP) – Thanksgiving is just over a week away, which has everyone getting in the holiday spirit.

Holiday memories are some of the most powerful we have, and can be painful reminders in times of grief. Grief can have a much more severe effect than just emotional distress, especially if not treated properly.

Dr. Stuart Anfang, the Vice Chair of Psychiatry at Baystate Health said, “So they might not be able to fall asleep or might be sleeping too much or they might lose appetite or they might eat too much. or they have tearfulness or irritability they may have thoughts about death. and those become emergency situations.”

If you experience some of those more severe symptoms of grief, a good place to start is with your primary care doctor. Remember that traditions come and go. So, if a one-time-honored activity reminds you too much of a lost loved one, try letting it go, too.