HOLYOKE Mass. (WWLP) – Novelist Rick Lee, the retired Western Massachusetts Red Cross Executive Director, can’t wait until his novel “High Ground” is made into a movie.

Rick Lee’s book is a finalist in the 2022 Page Turner Awards competition to become a screenplay. Rick Lee told 22News he re-wrote “High Ground” to keep the technological material up to date, a book he feels deserve to be presented visually on screen.

“The book really is about how our hatred of people gets so deep set in us, that sometimes we overlook human kindness that really is appropriate in a situation because we’ve developed resentment towards a person or a type of person,” said Lee.

“High Ground” can be described as Rick Lee’s “baby.” His initial inspiration for the novel came to him some 40 years ago. “High Ground” is available in paperback, E-Book and audio-book.