HOLYOKE, Mass. (WWLP) – The Holyoke Saint Patrick’s Parade is about a week and a half away and celebrations continue leading up to the special day.

The Holyoke Saint Patrick’s Committee was recognized Tuesday during the Holyoke City Council meeting. The Parade Committee Vice President, board members, and Colleens were also there to receive the special honor.

It’s a community effort. It’s not just one specific heritage or culture, its recognizing the citizens from Holyoke who have done great things and the fact that the city council recognizes us for the work that we do everyday and what we do for parade weekend is just really rewarding.

Haley Dunn, Vice President, Holyoke St. Patrick’s Committee

The 70th Holyoke Saint Patrick’s Parade is March 19th and you can watch it right here on 22News.