CHICOPEE, Mass. (WWLP) – Earlier this week it was very warm and humid and it felt like summer, but over the last couple of days it has gotten cooler and much more comfortable.

The dew point is used to measure the amount of humidity in the air and how comfortable and uncomfortable you will feel. Last weekend and earlier this week dew points were in the 60s and it felt pretty uncomfortable but over the last couple of days those dew points have really dropped down and it’s feeling very refreshing.

7 Day Forecast

  • 70: Oppressive
  • 65: Humid
  • 60: Uncomfortable
  • 55: Pleasant
  • 50: Refreshing

Over the next few days though that will be changing. Thursday and Friday the dew points will continue to be low but as we head into the weekend the humidity is on the rise getting up into the 60s so it will feel pretty sticky. In addition to the humidity, we will also have the heat to deal with as well.