SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – Election Day has come and gone, bringing new leadership to city councils, school committees, and a few mayor’s offices in western Massachusetts, but many of those mayoral races held the status quo.

Four of five incumbent mayors running for re-election Tuesday night got it done, indicating that in a political era, many would describe as contentious, many communities are looking for stability.

The only incumbent mayor to lose their re-election campaign was Greenfield Mayor Roxann Wedegartner, receiving just 23 percent of the vote, passing the office to Virginia Desorgher.

Chicopee Mayor John Vieau, Westfield Mayor Michael McCabe, North Adams Mayor Jennifer Mackey, and Springfield Mayor Domenic Sarno all retained their offices Tuesday night.

“When there are tough issues that a community faces, often they want to return to their incumbent. Like Mayor Vieau, like Mayor Sarno. They are battle-tested so-to-speak,” said Political Consultant Tony Cignoli.

Mayor Sarno will begin his sixth term leading the city of Springfield with 57-percent of the vote Tuesday night. That kind of support in a re-election campaign brings a welcome energy boost to any incumbent administration.

“This is a mandate without a doubt for him to continue on as he has been and keep doing the kinds of things that he has. I think you will see him strive to accomplish some things that he feels he hasn’t done just yet,” said Cignoli.

Two communities held mayoral elections without an incumbent running. Agawam’s new leader, though, is familiar with the office. The very first mayor of Agawam, Chris Johnson, was elected to return.

In Pittsfield, City Councilor Peter Marchetti will occupy the corner office, come January.

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