CHICOPEE, Mass. (WWLP) – The first day of school is now under two weeks away for students across Bay State.

It’s no surprise many young ones are dreading the end of summer, some students are anxious about heading back to the classroom. This really was the worst time of year when you would see commercials about going back to school but there’s no avoiding it and now is the time many kids are feeling that anxiety once again.

Soon enough students will be getting back on the bus and heading to school for the next nine months. It’s an exciting time for some, but for many others, it’s a time of stress and anxiety looking ahead to a sports season, school work, or having new teachers.

“I’m really just not looking forward to waking up early every day and like some classes,” said Sebastion Mercado, a rising high school senior.

“I’m not scared for school because this is my last year but, I have anxiety for like my volleyball season which I start soon and I’m just scared for that,” said Aliesh Cotto, a rising high school senior.

Despite the various reasons many have anxiety this time of year. There are still reasons to be excited and ways to get rid of those preschool jitters. Experts say there is no shortage of reasons why millions of children and teenagers across the country are feeling anxious and now is the time we may be able to help.

Experts advise parents to encourage children to hang out with friends before school begins, practice social interactions, and potentially familiarize them with their routine by making the trip to school. And of course, reminding them about the fun parts of school.

“Chilling with my friends and gym and just like finishing my work so I don’t have to worry about it in the future,” Sebastion Mercad, a rising high school senior said.

Experts also recommend that if you notice your child’s anxiety becoming unmanageable, reach out to a pediatrician.

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