SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – Temperatures continue to reach the high 90’s this weekend, while feeling closer to 100 degrees.

In weather conditions like this, the risk of illness from heat stress is strong. That’s why public health officials in the area have been working to help keep people cool.

Richard Pedraza is part of the city of Springfield’s cooling efforts and shared some tips on beating the heat with 22news, “Stay out of the heat. You know, if anything stay inside the house and run that AC all day long if you can. You know just stay away from the heat, and if you have to come out definitely drink lots of water and come out later in the evening if you have to, it’s easier.”

Signs of heat stress commonly include cramps and fatigue, and can be particularly concerning for seniors. As Pedraza points out, the best way to avoid these symptoms is to keep hydrated. “The most important thing is stay hydrated and drink lots of water,” said Padraza.

Other ways to beat the heat include avoiding spending excessive time outdoors and looking for a place with air conditioning. There are plenty of cooling centers throughout Western Massachusetts, like the Raymond A. Jordan Senior Center, open throughout the weekend.

These tips will make riding out the heat wave a bit more manageable.