SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – Monday’s winter storm caused tens of thousands of power outages across the state, mainly in Franklin and Worcester counties.

More than 17,000 homes and businesses were without power on Tuesday, and there are now just over 3,000 customers without power Wednesday morning. 22News spoke with the West Springfield Fire Department and they say that being proactive before the storm hits are critical.

Make sure all of your electronic devices, especially your phone, is fully charged. If you are going to be using a generator, make sure it’s fueled up and ready to go. Gather food, water, and medicine before a winter storm, as stores might be closed, and it may be unsafe to travel.

Organize supplies into an emergency kit with at least three days of supplies you can carry with you if you need to go somewhere else to stay warm. Ensure you have enough warm clothing, such as hats, mittens, and blankets, for everyone in your household. Don’t forget to have plenty of firewood if you are using a fireplace or wood-burning stove.