CHICOPEE, Mass. (WWLP) – An investigation is underway, after a person was injured in a flash fire at a Chicopee gas station Sunday.

“Improper dispensing of gasoline” led to a flash fire that injured one person Sunday afternoon at a gas station in Chicopee. While the incident is still being investigated, local fire departments are reminding people to practice fire safety at the pump.

“When you pull up to the pump, there are a lot of instructions that are present for individuals to read, such as turn off your engine, extinguish any cigarettes before you get out of the vehicle, no smoking at the pumps,” says Chicopee Fire Captain, Katie Collins-Kalbaugh.

In addition to that:

  • Don’t allow children to pump gasoline
  • Never leave the pump unattended, and don’t wait in the car
  • Avoid sticking the gas cap into the nozzle
  • At self service stations, remember to put the nozzle back and your gas cap on before leaving

Gas stations are equipped with a fire suppression system, that releases a chemical agent, which smothers the fire on car and pump.

Captain Collins-Kalbaugh says, “There are a lot of safety mechanisms that are in place. There are a certain amount of attendants that are required, for the amount of pumps, there has to be a clear view for the attendant to make sure its safe to even turn the pumps on.”

If you are refilling an approved gas container, reduce the risk of static electricity igniting vapors by placing the container on the ground, next, inserting the pump nozzle, and then bringing it into contact with the inside of the container.