WINDSOR LOCKS, Conn. (WWLP) – Following startling deadly incidents in Mexico, travelers are being reminded of how to prioritize their safety.

AAA emphasizes paying attention to state department travel advisories these detail levels of risk and places to avoid altogether. Four Americans were kidnapped in Mexico, two were tragically killed.

A stark reminder of the real danger you can face when venturing into certain Mexican states.
Mexico has 32 states and each has its own individual advisories given by the U.S. State Department. Currently, there are 13 states that fall under the Do Not Travel or Reconsider Travel advisory status.

AAA Northeast spokesperson Mark Schieldrop told 22news there are steps to take before planning a trip to Mexico:

  • Be familiar with all state advisories (if you’ll be traveling to more than one area)
  • Enroll in State Department’s STEP (Safe Traveler Enrollment Program) before departing, (this allows the U.S. to know where you’re going and send you security updates.)
  • Communicate with travel advisor
  • Purchase travel insurance/work with trusted travel agencies like AAA (for peace of mind during trip)
  • Remain vigilant at all times (during your trip.)

With spring break being such a popular travel time, local college students are emphasizing the need for safety as well. Tatyana Simms, a graduate student at AIC told 22News, “I have family members who travel to Jamaica and it’s the same thing with Jamaica, it’s certain areas you just do not go into because it’s not safe.”

Jemelia Delice, a graduate student at AIC also said, “it’s kind of scary to you know be on vacation and you never know what can happen to you. Please, be safe. Travel in groups. Be safe.”

The troubling and deadly incidents that recently occurred in Mexico were in “do not travel” and “exercise extreme caution” travel advisory states so staying alert and adhering to those warnings is the best way to stay safe.