(WWLP) – Each hoax raises concerns and worries about how these threats disrupt more than just the classroom.

School violence brings school safety issues to the forefront for children and teenagers. In particular, they may experience anxiety, fear, and a sense of personal risk. Knowing how to talk with your child about school safety issues can play an important role in easing anxieties about their personal safety.

Mental Health America encourages parents and guardians to encourage children to talk about their concerns, express their feelings, and talk honestly about your own feelings regarding school violence. Experts believe that it is important for children to recognize they are not dealing with their fears alone.

“It’s hard as much as you want to tell them you’re going to be okay even as a parent there’s still that question. What could happen today? And that’s challenging.” Lisa Ealum of Granby

Mental health experts also suggest keeping the dialogue going and making school safety a common topic in family discussions rather than just a response to an immediate crisis.

Making time to talk will allow parents and kids to have open conversations about mental health
and safety to prevent more incidents like these.