WESTFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – Motorcycle season has begun and whether you’re riding a bike or driving a car, paying attention can save a life.

On Wednesday, one person from Colrain died in a motorcycle crash in Charlemont, a reminder that we all need to be careful on the roads.

22News spoke with Dennis Bolduc with Indian Motorcycle of Springfield in Westfield. He said with the start of the season, people need to adjust to motorcyclists being back on the roads and if you’re out on your bike, make sure you’re wearing the right gear. Dennis said last fall he saw how important wearing a helmet can be.

“I was on a ride with a very good friend of mine. He had a very slow speed crash and he didn’t snap his helmet underneath his chin and the helmet came off, hit his head on the pavement and that was it. He didn’t look like he was hurt but the man passed away,” said Bolduc.

When it comes to getting the right helmet, you want to make sure it’s DOT approved, or you can look for the Snell approval. Dennis recommends replacing your gear every few years.

You should also make sure your motorcycle is in top shape. In fact, Indian Motorcycle had quite a few people coming through Wednesday to get their inspections.