(WWLP) – A 22News follow up now on a mass rescue of cats by Second Chance Animal Services.

Last fall, a local animal lover voluntarily surrendered their cats to the rescue when they had to move and could no longer care for them. Now all 88 cats have been adopted.

That number includes five litters of kittens who were born at the rescue following the initial surrender. Some needed extensive medical care others just had to find the right fit now, it’s a happy ending for all.

Second Chance founder and CEO Sheryl Blancato said, “we are thrilled that this special group of cats have moved on to the next chapter of their lives. The cats included five litters that were born in our care in addition to cats of all ages who were very scared and some who needed extensive medical care before they were ready for adoption. The pregnant mamas were cared for by some of our amazing fosters while our veterinary team concentrated on the cats who needed care for upper respiratory, eye and dental issues and performed many spays and neuters. Our Almost Home staff and Adoption Center staff and volunteers helped so many of these cats to come out of their shells – it was amazing to see their progress. We knew some of the cats were quite bonded and would do better if they went home with a friend, so these pets were adopted out together.”

Amelia was the last cat to be adopted.  “She is still not ready for a lot of physical human contact but luckily went to a home with other cats to help her learn. She loved every cat she was ever around, so I know she’ll thrive having a couple of buddies. It’s such a relief to know that so many of these cats could find a happy ending!” Danielle Bowes, a Second Chance’s Almost Home quarantine staff member