CHICOPEE, Mass. (WWLP) – Saturday is the very last day to get your shopping done in time for Christmas!

Saving time and money is probably at the top of your wish list, so if you still need to buy presents, Saturday might be your lucky day. If there’s a certain item you’re still missing from your shopping list this holiday season, there is still time. Many braved the cold weather and made their way to stores the day before St. Nick makes his way down chimneys.

“If in the last minute Amazon orders couldn’t make it today, they will run to the shop I think. So, I am expecting just the late Amazon delivery people,” said Chi Turkomer, the Owner of LeBon Northampton.

While it’s too late to shop online, you should research everything you need to get and make sure it’s still in the store. The good news is that many holiday packaged items will be on sale on Saturday. Be sure to check online for what stores have discounts and where you may be able to save a couple of bucks during this expensive time of year.

The age old tradition of people waiting until the last minute to shop isn’t ending this year. Dani Antes, a Store Manager told 22News, “It’s pretty busy up until 3, and then it tends to be just the guys just doing their last minute things. Got plenty of gifts still left for people to come in and grab, and get back out there.”

If there’s nothing in store you want to get for family or friends, a popular gift this holiday season is gifting an experience. You can purchase tickets to a concert, sporting event, some other show, or even a gift card to a restaurant.

Of course, it’s also frigid outside on Saturday, so before you head out to the store, bundle up and prepare your car. For next year some tips to avoid stress and overspending: shop during non-peak hours, compare deals, find discounts, and while waiting until the last minute for everything may not be wise, Christmas Eve is notorious for a good deal.