HOLYOKE, Mass. (WWLP) – A cat was rescued from a tree in Holyoke after being stuck since Monday.

A post shared in the Hello Holyoke!!! The Community Forum by Kelley on Thursday showed recognition to the crew at Holyoke Gas & Electric for coming out to South Canal Street to help get the cat nicknamed “Lightning” out of a tree.

“BIG thanks to all of them who came out and helped out with no obligation to do so! Unending gratitude for HG&E 🙏❤” – Kelley Kelz on Facebook

Kelly told 22News she spotted the cat and her neighbor Lisa was calling around for the last two days to try and get help until someone suggested she try Holyoke Gas & Electric and they showed up within 5 minutes.

The story doesn’t end there… Kelly and Lisa do not know who the owner of the cat is. Lisa told 22News, that she thinks it may be a stray since she has seen him many times in the alley. So for the time being, Lisa is taking care of the cat.

Lisa’s two-year-old daughter is so happy Lightning was saved. He ate a whole can of cat food and water, he is resting in the air conditioning in hopes his owner will be located.

“Holyoke gas and electric, thank you so much for coming out and saving this cat we appreciate it when no one else could help you guys came and save the day!!!! Thanks for getting the cat out of the tree guys, you’re awesome!” – Lisa Jackson on Facebook