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(WWLP) — Salons, like many other businesses, are remaining closed during the pandemic. While people are practicing self-isolation, especially from their hairstylist, it also may mean adapting to new ways of hair maintenance.

22News spoke with hairstylist Nikki Cicerchia and licensed barber, cosmetologist Madison Carr who said now is the time to take advantage of caring for your hair.

They answered some basic questions about hair maintenance during self-isolation.

My roots are showing. What should I do?

Madison: “Don’t panic. You have a couple of options to cover them up temporarily. As a professional, I strongly advise against box-dyeing. I like to reach for eye-shadow just to cover up any stubborn pieces that are sticking out. Headscarves are also great, beanies are great; those are quick solutions.

How do I use eye-shadow/powders to temporarily hide my roots?

Madison: Get a really dense small eye shadow packing brush; one with a ton of bristles. I only put it where I part my hair. Pat it on lightly, and try to avoid the skin. Blend it in with your finger and you’re good to go.

I wear my hair tied back/ in messy bun. How do I avoid split ends?

Nikki: Just be neater when you put your hair-tie in. Once you pull your hair-tie out and its been in a crazy, big bun on top of your head, it will get twisted around the hair-tie and pull those hairs out and create breakage. The safest way is to wear scrunchies. Anything with a soft material will protect your hair while it is up. Don’t make your hair-tie too tight.

Madison: Avoid putting your hair up when it is wet. It is at it’s weakest when it is wet.

How do I avoid drying out my hair/ scalp?

Nikki: The best way to do that is not to wash it. Our naturals oils are meant for our hair. Let it get greasy, it will bring moisture back into your hair. Let it seep down your hair for at least a full day. Professional hair masks and deep conditioners are good in the meantime. Give your hair that time to breathe.

How can I keep my hair healthy, but still look professional over Skype/Zoom, etc.?

Madison: If you are doing a typical face-frame zoom call, you can always just wash the front of your hair. If my bangs or around my face gets greasy, I’ll take a little shampoo and do a quick scrub in the sink and give it a blow-dry. I really only washed five percent of my hair but it looks brand new because it’s all you can really see.

How do I care for grown out hair extensions?

Madison: Don’t try to take your extensions out by yourself. Tape-in can cause a lot of tension on the hair if they get pulled too much…the longer they grow out the more gentle you have to be with them. Try to avoid products where the tape is. When you are running conditioner through your hair, keep it a little lower than what you typically do.

Nikki: It is different for each kind of extension but the general consensus is to just let them chill out because any at-home thing you do could really ruin it for the next time you go in to have it raised up.

Should I try a D.I.Y. hair treatment?

Nikki: There are a lot of mainstream ones that are misconstrued; a huge one is coconut oil. So many people use coconut oil in there hair, but our hair doesn’t have the ability to break it down. It is such a heavy product that it is just not meant for human hair. It can create build-up in the hair…which can prevent it from being colored properly.

Madison: Avocados, eggs, mayonnaise…as far as science goes, they aren’t doing any favors. If you have fine hair, or color-treated hair it will just weigh it down. Professional products are the way to go.

If I don’t want to go out to buy hair products, are they safe to buy online?

Nikki: During this time when people are running out of shampoos and conditioners, I would try to avoid buying anything online or from a drugstore. You don’t know where it is coming from. If you buy it from a salon you are getting it from the actual brand and the professional place’s warehouse.

Nikki and Madison said if you want to continue to support your local hair salon, one way is purchasing gift cards for when salons open again. Sharing your hairstylist’s posts and content online is another way to show your support.

Check out more hair tips in the video below:

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