FEEDING HILLS, Mass. (WWLP) – The rain and wind from Tropical Storm Henri have impacted farms across the region.

McCarthy Farms in Feeding Hills took to Facebook Monday evening with two photos of their corn crops completely knocked over.

“I noticed immediately when I came out that our corn was just flat,” said Kelsey Barz, co-owner of McCarthy Farms. “Usually it stands up nice and tall. I came out and it was completely flat, all of it.”

Kelsey told 2News she recalls gusty winds, which were associated with the Henri, that moved through Feeding Hills the past few days. The peak wind gusts were around 40 mph.

Since the roots of corn plants aren’t as strong as tree roots, the winds from Tropical Storm Henri had an easier time blowing them over. On top of weak roots, the corn crops were also weighed down with water. The National Weather Service in Boston reported 2.77 inches of rain fell over a 54-hour period. This 54-hour period includes the time of the storm.

“The younger corn that we have has definitely popped up a lot quicker. The older corn that we have is starting to come up a little bit, more slowly, but it’s getting there,” said Kelsey.

With the drier and sunnier weather Tuesday, many plants at McCarthy Farms have already begun to stand up again. It’s expected that all of the plants will stand up within the next few days as western Massachusetts receives more dry weather.

Kelsey also notes that she does not think this will ruin the corn crop for their farm this year.