SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – With the charges Jack Teixeira faces, he could see jail time. 22News spoke to a local military expert about the significance of the case.

While classified documents have been exposed in the past, this is not the first time in the last year this has happened. This document leak comes on the heels of confidential documents found in both President Joe Biden’s and Former President Trump’s possession.

Gary LeFort is a retired professor at AIC and a retired U.S. Army officer. He told 22News these leaks not only expose us to our enemies but also put our allies at risk, “It’s not just a matter of having access to it, but it’s also making sure that the people who are handling this information are not able to leave a military or governmental facility with these documents in their possession.”

Teixeira will remain detained ahead of a hearing next Wednesday.