SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – Springfield’s homeless population received seasonal attention from social service agencies on Saturday.

An organization known as “Just Love” created a pop-up destination Saturday across from a homeless shelter on Worthington Street. There the homeless men and women would receive backpacks, clothing, something to eat and drink, and receive the most up to date information about helpful services. Behind this effort, is a formidable group of people dedicated to human service.

“Well it was quite a few organizations, we have Tapestry, we have a whole list,” said Ana Jewel of Just Love.

Brian Vigneault of Just Love expressed, “One human family to help each other. That’s what we want to do, it comes from the heart, that’s it.”

The homeless were gratified to have this event set up for them to take advantage of what was being offered by these social service agencies as we approach the colder weather.

There was also the opportunity to catch up on COVID-19 protection. A community effort to help this segment of the population prepare for a downturn in the weather and doing what it takes to remain healthy as winter weather approaches.