CHICOPEE, Mass. (WWLP) – Several local Walgreens locations have closed their pharmacies or reduced pharmacy hours. Locations in Chicopee, Holyoke, Easthampton and Westfield have all been affected.

Customers going to Walgreens to refill prescriptions or get booster shots may leave empty-handed. That’s because many pharmacies in the Illinois-based chain have been closed due to alleged staffing issues.

22News spoke to a mom from Chicopee who had to reschedule three appointments for COVID booster shots because when she arrived for the appointment, either the pharmacy was closed or there was no pharmacist on site, “I find it frustrating. Luckily they were not issues that needed urgent attention. It can be, I would imagine, more difficult for those who need a faster response for something. Especially if it’s a pharmacy that deals with medications that people need, that are urgent. I’m only doing COVID boosters.”

22News called and emailed Walgreens headquarters and they said in a statement that the company has been experiencing “staffing challenges due to the ongoing labor shortage and ongoing demand for COVID-related services. As a result, there are some instances in which we’ve had to adjust or reduce pharmacy hours.”

The chain said it is taking steps to mitigate these staffing pressures. Although it’s not guaranteed, a phone call to the local Walgreens to check on the status of the pharmacy might save you some time and some headaches.